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Lissy Marie - Lead Vocals
My first performance on stage was when I was six years old singing a lullaby to a doll. Iíve gotten a little bit better since then (not much-haha), but music has always been in the center of my life. My grandmother was my elementary music teacher and a huge influence in my life. Now I am an elementary music teacher and hope to inspire others with my music. I have fun singing, especially with this group- and thatís why weíre here, isnít it? Whatís the point in doing something if you are not having fun! If you wanna know more... youíll just have to see us play!

Cliff Madru - Drums, Spiritual Advisor
Cliff is a forty five-year veteran to drumming who now makes the drums his life work. He is the owner of 7th St. Creations which promotes wellness through hand drumming, music and lectures. He also teaches drumming through private instruction and performs locally with several musical groups including our Glenwood Mills Band. Cliff has a very diverse playing background from jazz to musicals, big band and top forty. He even traveled the country with a rock show in the 70ís.

Ken Kucza - Lead Guitar
Ken grew up in New Hartford, CT right next to the Ovation Guitar factory. He started taking guitar lessons at a very young age and as he says, "They weren't teaching me any Beatles songs."He gave up the lessons but didn't give up the guitar. He cut his teeth playing in blues clubs picking up licks from other players, and hasn't looked back since, "That's my story, and I'm sticking with it."

Paul A. Brown - Vocals, Bass and sometimes Rhythm Guitar
I've always been drawn to the arts, whether it be writing, flame working glass, or at the day job where the modifier "Culinary" precedes the Art. The lowest common denominator indicates that whatever the task at hand may be, I am more interested in the end result and the instant gratification it will provide.

This gratification can come in many forms, from the smile on the face of the person who is taken back in time by the food I have prepared, perhaps something that came out of their grandmother's kitchen or that little restaurant where their parents used to take them at the beach. It can come in the form of a glass piece which ended up looking very much unlike what I originally intended it to be, but has a peculiar and endearing quality I had not anticipated.

This gratification is most rewarding when it is the shout, the whistle or the audible awestruck "whoa" heard from the audience as the Glenwood Mills Band is performing so tightly that we seem like we are no longer four individuals but quadrants of a Whole, sounding like One.

I was born in Springfield, MA, Raised in Wilbraham, MA, endured a 12 year parochial education followed by just enough college. I have been a professional journalist, truck driver, janitor, retail clerk, Restaurant owner, and general all around Entrepreneur. You can find out more about what makes Paul Brown tick at the blog Running Hard Out Of Muskrat Flats. You can check out some of my glass work at

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